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    As a trusted London business partner, Pace helps thousands of restaurant owners and operators across London and Greater London Area run efficiently, avoid downtime, increase the comfort of their patrons, and look out for the bottom line.

Commercial Kitchen Plumbing Services

Your business has specific needs that require solutions. We can help you develop the most optimal water management strategy, so you can focus on other important business matters

Here’s what we do for our clients.

Turn to Pace Heating & Plumbing Commercial Kitchen Solutions for fast, professional support and expertise that will keep your restaurant running smoothly and efficiently.


Save on select Hot Water Heater solutions from Pace. Contact us today to learn more about how our special offers can help benefit your business.


Save on select Hot Water Heater solutions from Pace. Contact us today to learn more about how our special offers can help benefit your business.

Commercial Kitchen Plumbing Services

As part of our range of plumbing services, we can also provide regular maintenance and inspection to make sure your plumbing systems is working properly, and not leaking, which originates from improperly used or maintained plumbing. Having a commercial systems serviced and inspected regularly also helps to detect issues before they become a problem, such as corroded pipes showing symptoms that it’s about to fail. it’s a good call to have them checked.

If your plumbing system does ever fail, we can also come out, find the fault and get it fixed (or replaced if we really need to).

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Commercial Plumbing FAQs

Commercial plumbing systems can be quite complex and it is essential to know what goes into this form of plumbing. Here is a highlight of answers to the frequently asked questions we are often asked.

What's the difference between commercial and domestic plumbing?

A: Domestic plumbers have the skills and experience to handle problems in the home. But a faulty commercial plumbing system can present more problems. Businesses are often larger, meaning there’s more pipes and outlets. Commercial premises often provide toilets and sinks for staff and customers meaning an increased demand that domestic systems don’t have to manage.

How is Pace Heating & Plumbing keeping customers safe during engineer visits?

A: Keeping you and our engineers safe is our top priority. Our engineers will follow the latest government guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus when at your business premises.

To find out more, read our coronavirus update and FAQs

What if I'm looking for a plan for my home or a home I rent out?

A: We can help protect your plumbing  at home. Visit our Domestic plumbing services  pages for more information.

Industrial & Commercial Plumbers

Not only is it reputation for quality workmanship that sets us apart from other plumbing companies, as industrial and commercial plumbers in London. Our customer support team cannot be compared to other competitors within London, with kind and polite plumbers who will treat your place of business with respect. Our quotes and prices are all itemised and carefully explained. We can answer any questions or concerns you have as we go and we will always be punctual and reliable.

No job is too big or too small when it comes to plumbing installation or repairs for industrial or commercial premises in London. Whether it’s signs of leaking pipework or a whole new system that needs adapting, our plumbing specialists are happy to take the job on. We also offer an emergency service for those plumbing emergencies that can’t wait; a burst pipe, unexpected flood or other water related disaster.

For more information on emergency or general plumbing services, and why Pace Heating & Plumbing Ltd are the company to choose, get in touch or please call us on 0207-183-2727

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Commercial Water Heater Installation in London


When it comes to commercial water heaters, it’s important to choose the right one for your business because they each have different price points, benefits, and functionalities that could impact your water usage.

Direct Fired

Pace heating & Plumbing Install, Repair, Service, and Maintain your Water Heaters, Burner side and Water Side. A direct gas-fired water storage heater is an independent hot water supply system. Being fed by cold water mains via an un-vented systems kit, or it may be tank fed. The water heater will provide hot water from 1 to an infinitive number of hot water draw-off points.

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Indirect Fired

Pace Heating & Plumbing can include any Indirect Fired Water Heater into your service agreement, ensuring that the Valves, Timers, Coil, Emmersion, Pipework are all working properly and are in sound and safe order.

A thermal storage water cylinder reverses the indirect water-heating principle. Water that passes through the central heating system and boiler also passes through the cylinder.

The hot water is stored in the cylinder and can be heated to a maximum of 90°C thereby increasing the amount of heat energy available for use. In contrast, the use of CFC Free Foam Insulation retains the heat within the stored water.

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Commercial Pressure Booster


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Commercial pressure booster sets from Fluid Water, we have many years experience and from this have learned that commercial situations have unique needs and requirements. Due to this reason Fluid Water can provide both double cold water booster sets and single pump cold water booster sets as well as pressure sets.

A free site visit can be arranged by our technical engineers to fully assess your specific requirements.

  • Single Pump Water Booster Set
  • Space Saver Booster Pumps
  • Combined Water Booster Set (with Tank)
  • Compact Water Booster Set
  • Multi Cold Water Booster Set

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Commercial Kitchen  


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Commercial kitchens see far more action than the average household kitchen, and as such are held to strict sanitary and Gas safety standards. Pace will provide a comprehensive inspection and reporting process that will ensure the safe and compliant operation of commercial kitchens of all sizes and configurations. The construction of a commercial kitchen is one of the most critical links in the efficient operation of a restaurant or food service facility-especially the plumbing system.

Commercial kitchen concerns include the following:

  • potable water for drinking as well as non-potable water for other applications, flushing and cleaning;
  • drains from sinks, floors and equipment that must drain properly and to the right place;
  • steam and gas for various pieces of equipment;
  • backflow prevention for all water systems;
  • lavatory facilities;
  • hood exhaust;
  • ventilation; and numerous other mechanical concerns that depend on the type, size and operation of the facility.

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Commercial water services


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Water Testing by Pace Heating & Plumbing provides a full water testing and water analysis service for commercial buildings in London. Regular monitoring of water quality reduces the risk of Legionella outbreaks which can potentially save lives as well as costs.

Working with businesses, building managers and landlords in and around London we you manage the risk of Legionella outbreaks with water chlorination testing.

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Commercial water softeners


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Commercial water softeners and industrial water softening systems

Pace heating & Plumbing supply and install Industrial water softener we have years of water treatment specialist experience in designing and installing commercial water softeners and industrial water softening systems. Our comprehensive range of water softeners provide a cost effective way to overcome problems caused by hard water. All our commercial water softeners combine design simplicity and rugged construction to ensure many years of reliable service.

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Service & Maintenance


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Thorough plumbing system service maintenance checking is conducted by our certified commercial plumbers for possible clogs and to prevent leaks which may lead unexpected costly repairs. Our plumbing system maintenance includes checking the existing plumbing design and hot water systems. We see to it that the overall plumbing system is fully functional, leaving no room for failures and malfunctions.

These services are conducted by our professional teams of certified HVAC engineers and professional commercial plumbers intensively trained to deliver quick service, knowledgeable with the commercial systems and understands the value of your industry. Indeed, along with our massive array of commercial services we offer maintenance agreement contracts for each client so to schedule each client including them in our routine preventive and safety maintenance. For all of our services, we guarantee a prompt emergency response and speedy servicing as to not delay commercial operations. All these services are inclusive of our 4-hour arrival guarantee.

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Many business deals with challenging environmental problems due to the uniqueness of their business and processes. Off-the-shelf solutions seldom work. Pace Heating & Plumbing brings real expertise, developed through years of innovative problem-solving in the HVAC Commercial Health Care, Education, Restaurant, Social Housing, Industrial and other speciality industries.

We understand the needs of each industry we serve. From the Hair-dresser who deals with large volumes of hot water demand and heavy compliance regulation, to the Restaurants that deals with numerous customer comfort, we have developed processes and equipment to help keep costs down while gaining efficiencies.

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