Commercial Mechanical

Warm-Air Heating

When heating a warehouse or industrial space in London you have options commercial warm-air heating or commercial radiant heating is great cost-effective option

Commercial Warm-Air Heating

Commercial Mechanical

Warm-Air Heating

When heating a warehouse or industrial space in London you have options commercial warm-air heating or commercial radiant heating is great cost-effective option

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Commercial Warm-Air heating product and services?

Commercial Warm air heating is a type of heating system, commonly used to heat large commercial properties instead of water-heating systems. In industrial or commercial spaces, like factories, warehouses, schools and offices, warm air heating systems can improve energy efficiency, be more cost effective, and provide generally cleaner air.

How does commercial warm air heating work?

A warm air heating system works by using a fan within the system to draw in air from the surrounding area through a warm air heating vent, the air is then passed around a heat exchanger to heat it up before circulating out through either the unit itself or via ducts, vents or grills around the building.

The temperature of the air drawn into a warm air heating system can only be increased by a set amount. So whilst it is possible to draw air from outside, it is more energy efficient and cost effective to draw air from within the building that the heater is situated. Each time the surrounding inside air is recirculated through the heater it will gradually increase in temperature.

The system also incorporates a thermostat for controlling the temperature, normally located on the warm air boiler itself (you can now also purchase a smart thermostat for warm air heating, such as a Nest Learning Thermostat). There are different types of warm air heating systems available:

Whether you need your system repaired or replaced, book your appointment with the London commercial warm-air heating service experts at Pace Heating & Plumbing! Contact us today.

Whether you need your system repaired or replaced, book your appointment with the London commercial warm-air heating service experts at Pace Heating & Plumbing! Contact us today.

Understanding Your Heating Options

What is gas fired warm air heaters?

The most popular type of commercial warm air heaters in the UK are gas fired warm air heating systems, which warm the cold air over a gas flame, before forcing the air around the building. A gas warm air heating system can be floor standing, suspended from the ceiling or mounted onto a wall, and sometimes mobile.

What is the difference between direct and indirect warm air heating?

Warm air heaters contain a gas fired or oil fired burner that is used to heat a space either directly, or indirectly using a heat exchanger. When you’re making a decision about your industrial heating, it’s also worth deciding which will work best for your space, as every building is different.

Direct fired heaters are usually used for large empty spaces like construction sites and factories, and are not recommended for spaces where people are around. They are not the most practical, as they always need ventilation to the outside environment.

Indirect fired heaters are widely recognised as the more practical and versatile choice. They are ideal for places without ventilation and where people are present, because they provide lots of clean air safely and efficiently, and are better around combustible materials.

What is the difference between warm air cabinet heaters and suspended units?

Whether gas fired or oil fired, there are also different types of heating units that make them very versatile and suitable for different purposes and spaces – known as suspended heating units, and warm air cabinet heaters (sometimes known as cabinet space heaters, gas fired cabinet heaters, or industrial cabinet heaters).

Suspended units are attached to the roof or brackets on the wall, meaning they take up little space. They are equipped with louvres to help push the warm air down to ground level and distribute it around the building. For buildings such as schools or offices, they are a good option as they do not take up precious floor space.

Warm air cabinet heaters are larger, floor standing units that are installed on the ground. They usually come with nozzles or ducts to direct the warm air around the building. Therefore they can heat more than one area or room, because the nozzles or warm air ducts can move the air around wherever it’s needed. These are more useful for factories or large warehouses, where space isn’t an issue but different areas need to be heated. Because they are on the ground, cabinet heating units are also easier and cheaper to service, plus easier to fix if there are any issues.

Commercial & industrial warm air heating: pros and cons

There are a number of benefits of using warm air space heating systems in commercial buildings, including:

Advantages to commercial warm air heating systems?
  • Warm air heating systems are more cost-effective, especially for larger spaces Once they have been installed, running costs of warm air heating systems are generally lower than other heating options. They are very energy efficient, meaning they’re a cost-effective option for commercial spaces with vast areas to heat.
  • They are quick and efficient Because they heat the air directly, warm air heating systems work quickly in heating up a space, hence why they are often used in large commercial buildings. When you use a traditional heating system, it may take a long time to heat up a big space – whereas the benefit of warm air heating is that it has a very quick response time, which is especially useful in the colder months. Warm air heating systems can also help prevent damp and condensation build up.
  • Warm air heating is known for being the quietest type of heating system As they are much quieter than other commercial heating solutions, schools, factories, workspaces and other operational buildings can benefit from almost no noise disturbance.
  • They provide cleaner air As air is drawn through a warm air heating system it goes through a filter, which removes pollutants before it is then blown out through the vents. This can help provide cleaner air and be especially beneficial for those with allergies.
  • Even distribution of warm air Warm air heating systems distribute the warm air evenly throughout a space, this means that there are no shading issues that can occur with other heating technologies. In contrast, radiant heating only warms areas that are in direct line of sight, this uneven distribution can create areas around the space that are warmer or cooler than others.
Disadvantages to commercial warm air heating systems?

There are some disadvantages to using warm air heating systems. These include:

  • Most warm air systems don’t heat water In order to heat water in a space, you will usually also need a gas boiler or immersion heater. However, it is now possible to purchase a warm air heating combi boiler, which allows you to use warm air heating, paired with a normal gas-fired water-filled boiler, which will deliver hot water.
  • Purchase and installation costs Although the running costs of warm air heating should work out cheaper, the up-front cost of a warm air heating system is higher, mainly because warm air heating boilers cost more than other types of commercial heating. There are a few different costs to consider, which are listed below:

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