Commercial Mechanical

Commissioning Services

Start-up on Time and on Budget with Pace. We are the commissioning partner you need No matter the size of the job, we’re ready


Commercial Mechanical

Commissioning Services

Start-up on Time and on Budget with Pace. We are the commissioning partner you need No matter the size of the job, we’re ready

End-to-end support for Commissioning your mechanical systems.

Whether your commercial HVAC system is new or old, running well or not, commissioning services can help building owners create a comfortable indoor environment, cut costs through energy efficiency, and rectify any issue that is causing poor HVAC performance.

This commissioning service is an important part of the health and functionality of a building HVAC system, the goal of commissioning is to ensure a facilities’ HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency.

Most of the time, commercial HVAC commissioning begins with a comprehensive review of the state of the HVAC systems and ends with HVAC repair to achieve the facilities’ desired performance levels.

What Types of Commercial HVAC Commissioning are There?

There are three types of HVAC commissioning services span the entire lifecycle of a facility HVAC system and have custom-tailored solutions depending on the age, health, and performance of all systems.

  • Post-Construction Commissioning:

    this type of commissioning involves systems that are under a year old. Typically, they were installed or started up by the installation contractor or engineering team.
  • Re-Commissioning:

    this type of commissioning involves systems that are over a year old. Re-commissioning could be needed for a variety of reasons. Usually, the system is either old and not running properly.
  • Recurring Issue Resolution:

    for comfort or performance issues that occur on a regular basis, this type of commissioning seeks to fix recurring problems. After a full system inspection, necessary equipment repair and replacement gets the systems back to their peak performance levels.

The perfect combination of expertise and innovation. We get it right the first time, every time.

Pre-Commissioning♦Commissioning & Start-up♦Operation & Maintenance

The perfect combination of expertise and innovation. We get it right the first time, every time.

Pre-Commissioning♦Commissioning & Start-up♦Operation & Maintenance

Understanding our 6 Step Commissioning Process


OBJECTIVE: Define Pace work scope deliverales and schedule. Identify unique challenges of the project


OBJECTIVE: Define Pace work scope deliverales and schedule. Identify unique challenges of the project


OBJECTIVE: Define Pace work scope deliverales and schedule. Identify unique challenges of the project


FEED (front end engineering design)


Detailed design & procurment




Equipment Commissioning


Equipment Start-up


Operations and maintenance

STEP 1: FEED (Front End Design)

During FEED, PACE provides input for preliminary design concepts to ensure that commissioning and start-up issues are addressed early in the design. By providing knowledgeable input from the initial design stages Pace avoids design changes late in the project, keeping you on time and on budget.

Some of these activities include:

  • Commissioning and Start-Up schedule development.
  • System and subsystem interdependency assessment.
  • Development of the Commissioning and Start-Up budget.
  • Facilitation of Risk Assessments associated with Commission and Start Up (CSU).

STEP 2: Detailed Design & Procurement

During detailed design and procurement PACE continues to refine the commissioning and start-up strategy; optimizing the schedule and budget of the project. Package management strategies are critical early in the procurement cycle ensuring that specifications adequately address issues such as quality, codes, standards, control system integration.

Some of these activities include:

  • Development of completions management system.
  • Connecting with the construction team early in the project to assist in creating an optimal start-up time-line.
  • Review of package specifications, strategy development.
  • Refining the commissioning and start-up plans as construction designs are issued.
  • Developing a subcontract strategy.

STEP 3: Construction/Pre-Commissioning

During the early phases of construction it is important that all deliverables required for the initial phases of the project are complete. This allows the CSU team to focus on the project as a whole. As construction progresses interactions between the construction and commissioning teams will be more frequent to ensure that early completions of critical systems remain on schedule.

Some of these activities include:

  • Establishing the Mechanical Completions Team and associated processes.
  • Establishing the Permit to Work Office and associated processes.
  • Establishing a schedule baseline for MC handovers and commissioning schedule.
  • Commencing simultaneous operations interface processes.
  • Executing and progress tracking of pre-commissioning an commissioning scopes of work.

STEP 4: Commissioning

During the project, it is critical to monitor actual progress against expected progress such that any potential issues are identified and corrected to minimize the impact to cost and schedule. Simultaneous operations, permit to work and energy isolation processes are critical to the safe execution of the work scope toward start-up.

Some of these activities include:

  • Monitoring completion of critical systems to ensure minimum impact on the expected schedule.
  • Operation of the permit to work and lockout tag out processes.
  • Executing cleaning, flushes and blows cleanliness strategy.
  • Deficiency management and prioritization.

STEP 5: Start-Up

During the start-up of a project, the commissioning team supports the permanent operations organization. The priority for PACE is to ensure a timely and incident free start-up where the operations team leads the effort.

Some of these activities include:

  • Turnover of remaining systems.
  • Completion of deficiencies and remaining punchlists.
  • Support to operations.
  • Management of PTW and LOTO processes and transition to Operations.
  • Performance testing.

STEP 6: Operations

Over the course of the commissioning and start-up of a project, the PACE team develops knowledge of systems that can be of value to the Operations organization. The early days of operations of new projects has a need for resources sometimes greater than the planned steady state resource level.

Some of these activities include:

  • Provision of skilled operators and technicians.
  • Execution of maintenance tasks and procedures.
  • Support to LOTO and PTW functions.

See what we do

Why choose us for Commercial Boiler Repairs?

commercial boiler 34578221 scaled 1

We know that a faulty gas boiler could cost you, and your business, money, time and ultimately customers. That’s why we at Pace offers a quick and effective commercial boiler repair service in an effort to keep disruption to your business to a minimum. Our fleet of service vehicles is equipped with an extensive stock of spares, meaning that we can carry out same day repairs to most makes of boilers.

All our engineers and plumbers are Gas Safe (previously CORGI) registered, so you can be sure they are fully qualified to carry out the necessary gas boiler repairs.

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Commercial Boiler Installation

H1Image2 1 scaled 1 e1628544237105

Pace Heating & Plumbing pride ourselves on our robust boilers and heating systems. Each system is designed and installed to meet the clients requirements.

We can provide a boiler installation and fitting for any location. for hotels, schools, factories, industrial outlets, supermarkets, Universities and colleges. With years experience behind us we are comfortable with any installation of any size or requirements.

We can provide steam and hot water industrial boilers - gas, oil or coal-fired.

All our industrial boilers and commercial heating systems are designed on a project by project basis. There are no standard systems ready to install because over many years we have found that each project is unique.

Contact us and let us offer you a comprehensive and competitive quote for a system designed to meet your unique needs.

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Warm Air Heating

Commercial warm air heaters UK e1628544750847

Where space is at a premium unit heaters come into their own. Suspended from the roof or off brackets from the wall, unit heaters take up little useful space. Unit heaters are always equipped with horizontal louvres to help push the warm air to ground level. Vertical louvres by giving side to side movement help spread the warm air throughout the building.

Long before the phrase “Carbon Footprint” was coined, Pace Heating & Plumbing was committed to energy efficiency.  The products we specify have always more than met the efficiency standards applicable at the time and we were quick to realise the benefits that our association with the Carbon Trust would bring to our customers.

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Radiant heating products & services:

If the majority of your building does not need heating then radiant heating could be the answer for you. If you need to heat a specific area & a radiant heater can be positioned so that it can effectively cover this area radiant heating is the correct solution. The heat from a radiant heater is carried by infra red waves just like light energy. So long as an object is not obscured by another it will benefit from that radiant heat. It is therefore ideal for use where for example there is an area within a building warehousing products that are not temperature sensitive.

Commercial radiant555124

Industrial / agricultural

If you have premises where large amounts of unbalanced extract is required (for example in a spray area) radiant heating comes into is own. As the heater is heating objects not the atmosphere the fact that air is being drawn out of the area does not affect the heater’s ability to warm the people or objects in the area. Another ideal situation would be where the roller shutter doors are constantly open – for example in plant or other workshops.

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Direct Fired

Pace heating & Plumbing Install, Repair, Service and Maintain your Water Heaters, Burner side and Water Side.A direct gas fired water storage heater is an independent hot water supply system. Being fed by cold water mains via an un-vented systems kit or it may be tank fed. The water heater will provide hot water from 1 to an infinitive number of hot water draw-off points.

commercial boiler 3007810

Indirect Fired

Pace Heating & Plumbing can include any Indirect Fired Water Heater into your service agreement, making sure that the Valves, Timers, Coil, Emmersion, Pipework are all working properly and are in sound and safe order.

A thermal storage water cylinder reverses the indirect water-heating principle. Water that passes through the central heating system and boiler also passes through the cylinder.

The hot water is stored in the cylinder and can be heated to a maximum of 90°C thereby increasing the amount of heat energy available for use, while the use of CFC Free Foam Insulation retains the heat within the stored water.

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Commissioning Services

Pace Heating & Plumbing have carried out work for a cross-section of businesses, delivering quality quickly and efficiently and with the utmost professionalism. We always meet commissioning targets, which is nothing less than our client's expect.

commercial industrial plumbing heating e1627936976226

The work we carry out is to a very high standard. All our engineers are highly-trained and qualified to industry standards. We are reluctant to carry out any projects where we cannot deliver. We have experience of working closely with design consultants on all design aspects before and during projects.

      • Boiler Installations
      • Water Heaters
      • Pipework
      • Unvented Systems
      • Pressurisation Units
      • Expansion Vessels
      • Controls & Electrics
      • Building Service Commissioning
      • Water Treatment
      • Environment Testing and Operating
      • Maintenance/O&M Manuals

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Maintenance Plan Overview

commercial industrial plumbing heating e1627936976226Maintaining a comfortable environment for your employees and customers is an important part of doing business.

It is worthwhile to have a maintenance contract for all of your devices and systems. This way, you won’t miss a single maintenance interval, and you benefit from high-quality results and equipment reliability while reducing the possibility of unforeseen downtime. Incidentally, customers with a maintenance contract have a direct contact person who is able to quickly assist in an emergency and have detailed knowledge of your equipment and systems. Together, we will create a service plan tailored to your needs and your equipment.

Your benefits at a glance:

      • Coverage of all maintenance intervals to maximize equipment or system uptimes
      • Maximize longevity of your equipment
      • Productivity, profitability, and risk minimization
      • Protection against unexpected costs by planning reliability

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Who We Serve

Many business deals with challenging environmental problems due to the uniqueness of their business and processes. Off-the-shelf solutions seldom work. Pace Heating & Plumbing brings real expertise, developed through years of innovative problem-solving in the HVAC Commercial Health Care, Education, Restaurant, Social Housing, Industrial and other speciality industries.

We understand the needs of each industry we serve. From the Hair-dresser who deals with large volumes of hot water demand and heavy compliance regulation, to the Restaurants that deals with numerous customer comfort, we have developed processes and equipment to help keep costs down while gaining efficiencies.

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First and foremost, its our job to ensure compliance with building and fire code standards for the safety of everyone.