Latest Covid-19 Updates and FAQs
How we're supporting and protecting customers and colleagues

Pace COVID-19 FAQs

Are you open and offering services?

Pace Heating & Plumbing provides products and services that are vital to everyday life, and we have been deemed an essential business. Ensuring that our customers stay comfortable and safe in your homes remains our focus. We are open and taking calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can deliver the services you can trust, when you need them most.

What if I have an emergency?

Please call 0207-183-2727 if you need an emergency appointment.

Will your engineers be wearing any protective equipment?

Our engineers have been equipped with an ample supply of:

  • hand sanitizers
  • disinfectant wipes
  • masks
  • single-use gloves
  • boot covers
How will engineers work safely in my home?

Keeping you and our engineers safe is our top priority. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Before your appointment

When you book, we’ll ask if anyone in your home:

  • has Covid-19 symptoms
  • is shielding or vulnerable
  • has been asked to self-isolate

Your engineer will also call ahead on the day of your appointment to see if anything has changed.

During your appointment

Our engineers follow the latest guidance and will:

  • wash or sanitise their hands before entering your home – and at regular intervals during the appointment
  • wear face masks (unless they are medically exempt from doing so)
  • wear disposable or protective gloves as appropriate during the job
  • keep at least two metres away from you at all times

If a job requires two engineers, they’ll only come together for tasks that need two pairs of hands and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when they are not able to keep two metres apart.

Extra precautions

If anyone in your home is vulnerable or shielding, our engineers will take extra precautions, including wearing goggles and a respirator mask. If you’ve told us that anyone in the property has tested positive for Covid-19 OR has symptoms of Covid-19, they will also wear a cover-all suit.

In line with official advice, our engineers aren’t wearing face coverings or respirator masks as standard in other cases.

How you can help us keep everyone safe

  • Where you can, please open doors and windows to ensure good ventilation while our engineer is in your home
  • If possible, please ask everyone in your home to stay in another room while the engineer is working OR if not possible, keep at least two meters away from them at all times
  • If anyone in your home has the NHS Track and Trace app, please make sure you keep your phones with you during the appointment to help keep the app alerts as accurate as possible
  • Please let us know in advance if anyone in your home has Covid-19 symptoms in the two weeks before we visit OR has been asked to self-isolate for any reason. We can still help with emergencies, but we’ll need to tell our engineer to take extra precautions before they visit. If it’s not an emergency job, please cancel or reschedule your appointment for a later date.
What if I have an appointment booked but I could be at risk of Covid-19?

Keeping everyone safe is our top priority. So if anyone in your home develops symptoms of Covid-19 (high temperature, new continuous cough, loss of taste/smell) in the two weeks before we visit OR has been told to self-isolate, it’s really important to tell us.

We can still help with emergencies, but please let us know in advance if anyone in your home has Covid-19 symptoms or are self-isolating so our engineer can take extra precautions by calling 0207-183-2727 before your appointment.

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