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Hot water heater buying guide

Hot water heater giving you the cold shoulder? Call us today for quick, professional repairs.

Hot water heater

domestic services

hot water heater buying guide

Hot water heater giving you the cold shoulder? Call us today for quick, professional repairs.

How much does a new hot water heater cost?

 “How much is a new Hot water heater to install?” This is likely to be one of the first questions on your mind if you’re considering getting a hot water heater installed into your home. New hot water heater prices can indeed be pretty costly, but the right hot water heater could deliver effective and efficient hot water to your home and ultimately make your household a more comfortable place to live – an investment we believe to be well worth making.

Call 0207-183-2727 to speak to a home advisor to find out how much a new hot water heater installation could cost. We aim to take into consideration factors such as your budget, home size requirements to provide you with a realistic estimate of installation costs.


A Water heater that has been professionally sized by a Gas Safe Registered engineer will run more efficiently than an incorrectly sized one


A water heater that has been professionally sized by a Gas Safe Registered engineer will run more efficiently than an incorrectly sized one

Hot water heater solutions. Which is the right one for me?

Following the continued advancement and innovation in hot water heaters throughout the years, there are a wide range of hot water systems available today, it can be difficult to determine which hot water system is the best option for your home. We will take a look at 4 main option vented, un-vented cylinders, combination and multi-point boiler.

There are essentially 4 main option vented, un-vented cylinders, combination and multi-point boiler Each of these hot water solution supplies hot water to the property, however, they do this in very different ways and the ways in which they do this determines the choice you make for your home.

ventedindirectVented cylinders are known as the traditional option, as they have been around for decades, vented cylinders store and heat water that is fed directly from a tank in the loft. this provides a natural gravitational force of water to the system, enabling it to provide a flow of hot water to the tap outlets throughout the property.they are the most common cylinder found within properties across the UK,


    • Cheaper to install and maintain
    • ‘like for like’ replacement
    • Consistent water pressure and supply when mains pressure is low due to high demand


    • Dependent on a water tank in the loft
    • Relies on gravitational pull of water for pressure flow to outlets

Megaflo Eco SystemFitAn unvented hot water cylinder differs in that it provides mains pressure hot water directly from the cold mains as opposed to tank pressure water provided with a vented cylinder.

As the mains pressure hot water provided by an unvented system is fed directly from the cold mains, it provides a better pressure performance than a vented cylinder. They cylinder must requires regular maintenance to meet safety regulations.


    • Solution to space restrictions – can be installed almost anywhere in the property
    • No need for water tank
    • Provides mains pressure hot water for better flow rates


      • More expensive to install – requires a G3 specialist
      • Requires annual maintenance to meet safety regulations

boiler cutaway25578A combi boiler is a central heating boiler and water heater in one. Everything a combi needs is within the boiler itself, meaning there's no need for additional tanks or cylinders (great news if you're tight on space!)


  • Higher efficiency condensing = Lower energy bills could save you up to £300* on your heating bills in one year.
  • Easy to install an all-in-one unit and can be fitted almost anywhere saving you space
  • Hot water on demand there’s no need to use a storage cylinder hot
  • Mains water pressure supply directly from the mains this should mean you get a much stronger flow of hot water.


  • Not suitable for large homes /or has several bathrooms it will have to split the flow making it weaker.
  • Not ideal for homes with weak mains pressure If the mains pressure is weak or inconsistent, your showers and taps will be too
  • Not always compatible with old pipework your existing pipework and radiators may not cope with mains pressure.

gas water heater2584355 e1629991705158Although carrying a different name, these heaters are effectively boilers. The only difference is that boilers heat the central heating, and usually the hot water for your taps too, whilst the multipoint heater will just provide hot water for your taps and your shower  these heaters just provide hotwater for tap and shower in the home.


  • Although the cost of the boiler itself is very similar, the cost of installing central heating is very high, and it will be much cheaper just to run pipes to the taps that might need hot water than to plumb in radiators as well.
  • You may wish to install a water heater in a part of the home that does not need central heating, but does need hot water. This could be an annex or workshop for example.


  • The multi point heaters often come with average control of water temperature, risk of scalding hot going into the sink,
  • Having a split system can to be less efficient than having one system controlling everything.
  • It is also going to take up more space and could require more maintenance.

1. Reliability

A reliable hot water water heater could save you both stress and money as hot water water heater breakdowns can be highly inconvenient and expensive to fix. Investing in a reliable hot water water heater could prevent you from being left without hotwater and could also save you money in repair costs. Here at Pace Heating & Plumbing, we always aim to supply the most reliable hotwater water heater, so contact us if you’d like our help deciding which option could be the best choice for your home.

2. The location of your new boiler

The location of your hot water water heater could impact the spacing and appearance of your household, you should therefore think about a suitable place for it to be fitted. It often saves homeowners time and money to place their new hotwater water heater in the same location as their old one, as this typically enables a quick and easy installation. However, if you believe that your hotwater water heater could be better suited elsewhere, there are a number of locations that you could choose from

3. Energy-Efficiency

An energy-efficient hot water water heater could allow you to make savings on your energy bills by reducing your energy wastage**! All of the hot water water heater that are installed by Pace Heating & Plumbing are efficient and could be coupled with a state of the art timer and thermostat . Combination Boilers such as our Worcester Bosch Green-star 30i are built with key feature such as user-friendly controls to enhance efficiency by allowing you to also set your heating to your preference and avoid energy wastage or you can have an un-vented cylinder which provides mains pressure hot water for better flow rates to multiple showers at the same time

4. Installation Time

Another key factor to consider is the length of time your hotwater heater installation could take. A hotwater heater installation could take between 1 to 3 days depending on the work required. It is in your best interest to consider the time it could take for your new hotwater heater to be installed, as this could give you an idea of how long you could be without your hotwater and central heating, as well as providing you with a time frame should you have to take time off work. Our friendly and reliable Gas Safe engineers aim to complete all installations quickly and thoroughly and are committed to getting your hotwater and heating up and running as soon as possible.

5. Get an engineer’s opinion

Last but not least, it is often beneficial to get an informed opinion Pace heating & Plumbing Home Advisors. will assess your home and discuss your needs to find the right solution for you and your family. We can recommend a hotwater heater type, brand and model for your home, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in need of help.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I speak to someone if I have a question about buying a new boiler?

Yes, you can call us on 0207-183-2727. Our lines are open Monday to Saturday, 8am-6pm. We have limited opening hours over public holidays. We want to improve our service for you, so we may record your call to help.

How long does the appointment with your heating adviser last?

Video call appointments last around 30 minutes and in-home appointments will last around an hour and a half.

Are you still installing boilers in light of the Covid-19 outbreak?

Yes, we are currently installing boilers. You’ll find details of how we will work in a Covid-19 Secure way in our 

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