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vented hot water heater giving you the cold shoulder?

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vented hot water heater giving you the cold shoulder?

Never Worry About Being Without Hot Water

A vented hot water cylinder is a popular system you will find in many homes around the country. The vented cylinder works by storing cold water from the mains in a tank and, subsequently, it can be heated and fed to any of the appliances in your house that require it. You will often find the storage tank in the loft, though this can differ depending on the house.

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What's All the Fuss About

There are also two types of cylinders you can choose from – direct and indirect. If you use an indirect vented hot water cylinder, the water that comes through your taps will be kept separate from the water used to heat the radiators and boiler.
If you are considering a vented indirect hot water cylinder, you will find there are a few advantages. The system will not require a lot of maintenance which is a priority for many people, it is a fairly basic system which reduces the likelihood of any major problems to your water supply in the future.
There are a few features of the vented hot water cylinder that you might like to consider before purchasing. The water capacity ranges from around 100 litres to 200 litres and the number of family members could influence your decision in this regard. You also have the option of copper or stainless steel cylinders, though both will be very secure.


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4 Causes of a No hot water

Here are a few things that could be causing your hot water cylinder form not working:

No hot water

No hot water is the last thing you want.

The first thing you should do is check all of the taps around your home. If hot water is running from some taps but not others, then there’s a problem with the that tap rather than the mains hot water supply.

Overflow won't stop running

An overflow pipe is essentially there to stop your house from flooding. Storage header tank, for example, have an overflow an inch or so down from the top of tank to stop water from flowing over the edge.

If the overflow pipe keeps running, then this can cause leaks and flooding. And the most likely culprit is the float valve.

The role of the float valve is to prevent the storage tanks in the loft from filling up with too much water. So if the float valve breaks, the tank won’t stop filling with water and the overflow pipe will keep running.

A float valve is a small ball on the end of a long piece of plastic or metal. Something could be blocking the arm from moving up and down or the ball may have cracked and filled with water – weighing it down.

Noisy hot water pipes

Have you noticed your pipes getting noisier? Then that’s a strong sign that something is wrong. And it could be one of a few things: high water pressure, clogged pipes or loose fittings.

High water pressure can cause a lot of damage to the pipes around your home. And this can lead to leaks. It can also wear out taps, meaning that you’ll have to replace them much sooner.

The first thing you’ll want to do if you suspect high water pressure is contact your supplier. Following that, a Pace plumber can fit a pressure regulator valve. This will monitor the water pressure in your home and make sure that it doesn’t get too high.

Check your timer controller

Another factor to consider before calling a Pace engineer is to check your timer. This may have been affected by the clocks changing, power supply, back-up batteries failing or even somebody altering the settings without you knowing.

It should be easy to see at the timer control panel if the boiler is currently active for hot water. If you are not sure, check your timer manual.

A licensed plumbing professional from PACE can diagnose and fix a no hot water problem because we know every second counts in a not hot water emergency, we’ll tackle your problem quickly and efficiently.



Prevention & Troubleshooting

Many people call us at Pace out to fix a problem with there hot water. It really isn’t hard to do yourself. Just follow these simple steps that apply to vented hot water cylinder. You will need some general hand tools. Should you feel stuck after trying the steps above you can count on Pace  

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Engineer will call to confirm time service call

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Engineer perform diagnostics service Identify and list any problem he finds

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