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It is our job to know the London Gas, Plumbing and Building Code inside and out, and we bring that knowledge and experience to our customer multiple areas of need

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We understand your business is unique.  Your Pace Account Manager will recommend heating and cooling solutions that meet your requirements and budgetary needs. We’ll ensure your business or property is fitted with the right-sized equipment to guarantee optimal efficiency and satisfy tenants, operators, or employees.

Make the right choice, and if you ever have an issue, we can get to you in 4 hours. With a dedicated fleet of service vehicles in London, Pace Heating & Plumbing fixes problems fast – even on weekends and holidays.

Commercial Services

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Commercial HVAC and water solutions for your business and property needs.

As one of London’s most trusted brands, Pace Heating & Plumbing has consistently helped businesses and Property Managers for over 30 years. From product consultation to technical support, our Pace Key Account Managers and dedicated engineer teams deliver exceptional service, expertise and dependability so you can focus on running your business.

Winter will end, honest. Keep warm ’til it does

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No matter how cold the weather is outside, the right boiler can keep your customers and employees warm and inviting inside. At Pace Heating & Plumbing, we’ll help you find the high-efficiency boiler that best suits your business and budget. Every member of our team is committed to bringing you the very best in service and installation.

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Direct Fired

Pace heating & Plumbing Install, Repair, Service and Maintain your Water Heaters, Burner side and Water Side.A direct gas fired water storage heater is an independent hot water supply system. Being fed by cold water mains via an un-vented systems kit or it may be tank fed. The water heater will provide hot water from 1 to an infinitive number of hot water draw-off points.

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Indirect Fired

Pace Heating & Plumbing can include any Indirect Fired Water Heater into your service agreement, making sure that the Valves, Timers, Coil, Emmersion, Pipework are all working properly and are in sound and safe order.

A thermal storage water cylinder reverses the indirect water-heating principle. Water that passes through the central heating system and boiler also passes through the cylinder.

The hot water is stored in the cylinder and can be heated to a maximum of 90°C thereby increasing the amount of heat energy available for use, while the use of CFC Free Foam Insulation retains the heat within the stored water.

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Commercial Plumbing Services

Our certified commercial plumbers conduct our plumbing system service. We understand your business is unique.  We will recommend plumbing solutions that meet your requirements and budgetary needs. We’ll make sure your business or property is fitted with the right-sized equipment to guarantee optimal efficiency

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The Pace Plumbing team are knowledgeable with the commercial systems and understands the value of your industry. We guarantee a prompt emergency response and quick servicing for all of our services not to delay commercial operations. Indeed, along our massive array of commercial services we offer maintenance agreement contract for each client so to schedule each client including them in our routine preventive and safety maintenance. All these services are inclusive of our 4-hour arrival guarantee.

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Commercial Gas Inspection

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All gas installations, including both the installed appliances as well as the pipework, flues and associated ancillary systems should be regularly inspected and serviced. These regular checks are undertaken to ensure that the system is not only working effectively, efficiently and safely but that there are no ongoing concerns that might cause a dangerous situation or unplanned shutdown in the future.

Some of the services we provide include:

♦ Commercial gas safety certificates

♦ Commercial gas catering safety inspection (CP42)

♦ Commercial gas mobile catering safety inspection (CP44)

♦ Industrial gas pipework gas safety certificate

♦ commercial gas pipework gas safety certificate

♦ Commercial gas safety interlock systems

♦ Gas Pipe leak trace and repairs

♦ Industrial and commercial gas appliance commissioning and de-commissioning

♦ Commercial plant commissioning and servicing (CP15)

♦ Industrial and commercial gas distribution systems

♦ Commercial catering gas safety proving devices

♦ Industrial and commercial gas pipe-work testing and purging (CP16)

♦ Gas installation safety reports (CP17)

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Commercial Gas Leak Detection and Repairs

service45782214 e1627934904987There are many reasons why a gas installation or one of its component parts may suddenly fail or cease to function even if it has been regularly serviced and inspected, but prompt attendance by an expert engineer, diagnosis and repair is always an urgent priority. Our registered commercial gas engineers who will attend promptly, diagnose the problem and resolve it quickly.

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How Are Businesses Addressing Indoor Air Quality?

IQA Vent e1627936241907Businesses are reassessing their IAQ strategy as they begin to reopen and customers expect improved indoor air quality.

Bottom of Form

As a business owner, there are all important steps to take to create safe indoor dining spaces. And as customers, seeing the aforementioned recommendations at restaurants likely provides peace of mind. But there is one more crucial component to ensuring healthier indoor spaces for all. Here’s how to focus on improving indoor air quality.

If you receive complaints from employees or customers because they are experiencing cold-like symptoms (e.g., headache, itchiness, sore throat) then it is highly likely that the air quality in your business is poor. It is important to address this issue immediately by improving the ventilation in your business Ventilation upgrades are also a popular reopening choice for all businesses.

There are a multitude of steps that you can take to ensure that your restaurant is properly ventilated at all times.

Reopen With Confidence

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Planned Maintenance Overview

commercial industrial plumbing heating e1627936976226Maintaining a comfortable environment for your employees and customers is an important part of doing business.

It is worthwhile to have a maintenance contract for all of your devices and systems. This way, you won’t miss a single maintenance interval, and you benefit from high-quality results and equipment reliability while reducing the possibility of unforeseen downtime. Incidentally, customers with a maintenance contract have a direct contact person who is able to quickly assist in an emergency and have detailed knowledge of your equipment and systems. Together, we will create a service plan tailored to your needs and your equipment.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Coverage of all maintenance intervals to maximize equipment or system uptimes
  • Maximize longevity of your equipment
  • Productivity, profitability, and risk minimization
  • Protection against unexpected costs by planning reliability

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Pace Heating & Plumbing Commercial Solutions has been providing heating, hot water, and plumbing products and services to Londoner’s for more than 30 years. Our customers know they can count on us for fast, friendly, knowledgeable service and advice. And that’s comfortable.

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Many business deals with challenging environmental problems due to the uniqueness of their business and processes. Off-the-shelf solutions seldom work. Pace Heating & Plumbing brings real expertise, developed through years of innovative problem-solving in the HVAC Commercial Health Care, Education, Restaurant, Social Housing, Industrial and other speciality industries.

We understand the needs of each industry we serve. From the Hair-dresser who deals with large volumes of hot water demand and heavy compliance regulation, to the Restaurants that deals with numerous customer comfort, we have developed processes and equipment to help keep costs down while gaining efficiencies.

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