Landlord plumbing Services

Leaky taps keeping you up at night?

Landlord plumbing Services

Leaky taps keeping you up at night?

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Leaky taps keeping you up at night?

A dripping tap is more than just a nuisance. It’s also the sound of money going down your drain. Even a slow leak can add up to hundreds of litres of wasted water every year. That’s bad news for your water bill, and for the environment.

Leaky taps are one of the most common domestic plumbing problems. From bathtubs to kitchen sinks, taps are in daily use so it’s not surprising that seals and other parts wear out or become damaged over time.

Luckily, leaky taps are also one of the easiest plumbing problems to identify and fix. So, there’s no reason to put up with annoying drip-drip-drip.


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What's All the Fuss About

Since ancient times, plumbing systems have existed. They have since then changed drastically, including taps. For many years, taps came with two handles, one for cold water and one for hot water. It wasn’t until 1937 Moen’s introduced the single-handle faucet.

There is a wide range of taps available today for your home, and It can be challenging to determine which tap is the best option for your home. Automation is the trend now toward battery-operated electronic taps, and technology will continue to improve, making these taps easier to repair

Overall, the plumbing industry will continue to innovate; however, one thing is sure Taps will leak when this happens.  


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4 Causes of a Leaky Tap

Here are a few things that could be causing your leaky tap:

A worn-out washer

During use, your tap’s rubber washer is forced against the valve seat. This constant friction will cause the washer to wear out over time – resulting in a dripping tap. A worn-out washer is one of the most common cause of a leaky tap, and also the simplest one to fix.

A damaged O-ring

The O-ring is attached to the stem screw that holds the handle of your tap in place. If the O-ring becomes loose or wears out from regular use, your tap may drip near the handle and should be replaced.

A corroded valve seat

If your tap still drips after you have replaced the washer and O-ring, you may have a corroded valve seat. A professional plumber can clean or replace the part to fix the leak.

A badly-installed washer

If your washer is the wrong size or improperly installed it can cause a leaky tap. A domestic plumber can help you select and install the right washer for your tap.

A licensed plumbing professional from PACE can diagnose and fix a leaky tap, whether it’s in your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoors. And because we know every second counts in a plumbing emergency, we’ll tackle your problem quickly and efficiently.



Prevention & Troubleshooting

Many people call us at Pace out to fix leaking taps. It really isn’t hard to do yourself. Just follow these simple steps that apply to normal taps, and mixer taps. You will need some general hand tools and tap washer kit. Should you feel stuck after trying the steps below you can count on Pace  

Read our tap repairing tips
  1. Turn off the water supply to the tap.
  2. Remove the tap handle. Usually this can be done by lifting up a cover and removing the screw.
  3. Unscrew the tap mechanism by turning it anti-clockwise. This will allow you to get to the tap washer on the bottom.
  4. Remove the old tap washer. Find the right sized washer in your kit and replace. Some have a small screw to remove. The one pictured is a bayonet type.
  5. Before you re-insert the tap mechanism check the the tap seat inside the main tap body is in good condition. Often a leaking tap can be caused by debris on the tap
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