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Boiler Installation FAQ!

To help you understand what to expect and what to do and think about during your installation, below is the most frequently asked questions and answers.


What is a survey?

Where your installation is not straight forward we may need to make an additional assessment of the product specification from a technical perspective to ensure we order all the necessary materials to install your new system.


Is a survey visits needed in all instances?

No, your Heating Advisor will advise you whether a survey visit is required to obtain the additional technical information from the gathered during the quotation visit.


What do I need to do or think about in preparation of the survey?

There will be minimal disruption to your home during this visit, as we’ll just be inspecting and measuring. We will confirm where the new boiler will be fitted, the route of any visible pipes and where any new controls and radiators will be sited to make sure you are happy with the locations.


Do I need to let my neighbours know?

In some situations we may need to access to your property from your neighbours property to carry out some of the work. It may be beneficial to let them know


Do I need to tell the Heating Surveyor anything?

If there are any existing faults on your heating system, please advise the Surveyor so we can ensure the problem is solved as part of your installation.

Delivering the materials


When will the delivery be made?

We will arrange a delivery date that best suits you, normally a day or two before the work begins, made by one of our local partners


What do I need to do or think about on preparation of the delivery?

Prior to delivery, consider where you would like to have the boxes stored to minimize any inconvenience. Perhaps clear a corner of a room or some space in the garage and use the complimentary dustsheets to protect the area. Some items can be quite big and need to be stored in a dry place. The size and number of boxes may vary depending on your new system.




What so I need to do or think about in preparation of the installation?

If you are not planning to be home when the work is being carried out, please be available for at least one hour at the start and end of the work. This will enable the Heating Installer to confirm all the details of the installation before we start and show the benefits of your heating system when its finished.


How long will it take to install? This will depend on how complex your system is, but we will give you our best estimate before we start.


Will I have heat and hot water?

If the installation is going to take more than a day, you may be without heat and hot water overnight. The Installers will aim to minimize this period, but it may be worth making some provisions.


What about the gas, electric and cold water?

Your gas, electric and cold water supply can normally be isolated in the areas where we are working so you should be able to use these utilities for most of the time.


Access to working areas

Please ensure that access is available to the gas and electric meters and the main water stop tap. Remove clothes from airing cupboards and if possible, any items stored in the roof space from the area surrounding water tanks. Where carpets or laminate flooring need to be taken up or furniture moved and you are unable to, please seek advice from your Heating Installer.


What about the location of the boiler, radiators and pipes?

To check you are comfortable and everyone understands what was agreed earlier with your Heating Advisor please confirm the location of the boiler, radiators and especially the route of any visible pipe work with the Heating Installer. Every attempt will be made to conceal the pipes, but sometimes it’s not possible. Pipework that acts as a vent to outside drains will be visible, so please make sure you are comfortable with where the pipes will be seen. Exposed pipes can normally be boxed in once the work is completed, though this may not be include in your original quotation. Alternatively you may wish to paint the pipes to blend in with your decoration. Should you require further advice please ask your Heating Installer.


Will there be any disruption to my home?


Your Heating Installer will treat your property with the most respect and aim to keep any disruption to a minimum. We will cover carpets, protect work surfaces and use dustsheets in all areas where they work. Pleas try to remove furniture, ornaments and other items from the working area around the boiler and radiator positions.

For gas fire and surround installations we need to remove old back boiler units which will disturb debris in the existing chimney. This is especially relevant if the chimney has been used with a coal fire or solid fuel back boiler at any time in the past.

Your new heating system



On completion what will the Heating Installer explain?


The use of the new controls and boiler operation. Please make sure you are happy that you know how to use your new system before we leave. We will explain any noticeable differences in the operation between your old and new system, like noise or how long the hot water may take to run through to the hot taps. We will also show you the boiler exhaust and explain how normal operation will produce the ‘pluming’ effect. We will also advise you of the arrangements for the waste to be collected.


What do I need to ensure before the Heating Installer leaves?


Make sure your new system meets your expectation and it has been completed to your satisfaction. Use the customer checklist as a reminder to check the final details before the installer leaves.

Your Account



When do I pay my account?


Your Heating Installer will collect the full and final payment on completing the installation, 


How do I pay my account?


You can pay by making a cheque payable to “Pace Heating & Plumbing”. We also accept most major credit cards (we do not accept American Express or Solo cards), enabling you to make full payment by calling 0207 183 2727. It would be helpful to have your invoice number when you call and there is no handling charge to do this


Fill out my online form.



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